Top 10 TV Dads

The Dad Gone Truth, has developed a list of The Top Ten TV Dads of all time. However, we are solely examining the character, not the actor who portrayed the character. We based our ranking on what we know about the show and character of the TV dad. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know your ranking of the top ten tv dads.

#10 – Al Bundy

Yes. Al Bundy. Most of you might be thinking right now, Al Bundy? He was a horrible TV Dad, and you may be right. But here at, The Dad Gone Truth, we decided to look at Al differently.

Here’s a guy that everyday wakes up to go to a job he hates selling shoes in a retail mall. His days are spent getting treated like garbage only to come home and get no respect. Despite all of that he always provided for his kids and remained true to his family and for that he deserves a spot on our ranker coming in at number ten. Besides, four touchdowns in a single game. Go Polk High!

#9 – Frank Lambert

Frank, a divorced contractor, who always rocked the denim on denim, from the show Step by Step. Probably a lesser known TV dad. The show was mainly about the kids learning to adapt to a new blended family dynamic. However, Frank makes the list because his character had three kids of his own and adopted three more kids when he gets re-married. Any step-dad out there can relate. For that Frank, you make our list.

#8 – Phil Dunphy

Phil makes the list as the lovable idiot, but yet a great dad. His character is without a doubt devoted to his three kids. Besides, a lot of us married dads can relate to Phil due to his endless quest to earn the respect of his father-in-law. Those of us dads with daughters also can relate to never letting the son-in-law get that sought after respect, or at least let them know it.

#7 – Jack Arnold

The youth probably has no clue who Mr Arnold is, however lend my your ears and I will sing you a song about The Wonder Years. Jack Arnold is the TV dad of none other than Kevin Arnold. The episode of his heart attack in the later seasons was a shocking one. The Wonder Years always tried to make family life real, and so Jack Arnold is ranked number seven on the list.

#6 – Dan Connor

Like Al Bundy, some of you may be thinking… wait what? Let’s explain. Dan, a father of three, got up everyday hanging drywall to help support his family. He was very much a regular blue collar dad, who clearly was loyal to his family and loved his kids. He was unapologetic for his manhood and who he was in life. Who can forget when he went after the guy that beat up on Jackie and got arrested. For all his dedication and hard work Dan Connor comes in at number six. Besides he had to put up with Roseann for all those years, that alone earns him a spot.

#5 – Dr. Cliff Huxtable

Now it is important to highlight that this list is not about the actor but developed based on the character, and at The Dad Gone Truth, there was a lot of back and fourth about this one. There is a case to be made that Dr. Cliff Huxtable should be number one. At the time there was no TV dad more popular than Dr. Huxtable. He actually had a lot of great parenting advice delivered in a very real and relatable way. In fact the line, “I brought you into this world I can take you out”, was one I personally heard more times than I can admit growing up from my own father. Any fan of the show, and there were millions of them, can’t forget the scene when Cliff is talking to Theo about moving out on his own. If you don’t know the show or who played Dr. Cliff Huxtable it was Bill Cosby.

#4 – Karl Winslow

Karl is one of The Dad Gone Truth’s personal favorite TV Dads. Family Matters was a classic within the TGIF line-up. Of course most people remember the character Steve Urkel, but honestly, The dad of Family Matters was the true hero of the show. Karl was a hard working cop and devoted dad. This character really defined to the audience the importance of strong, present, and good fathers have to any family dynamic. Even there is a weird neighbor kid constantly hitting on your daughter.

#3 – Danny Tanner

Danny Tanner, need we say more? Single dad of three girls, and oddly enough a father figure to another wired neighbor kid. Full House, like all of the shows these characters come from, is a true classic. We even go as far to say that Uncle Jessy and Uncle Joey all deserve some recognition. They were willing to help there friend raise his three girls and put a-lot of their own life on hold for the betterment of children. Isn’t that what all parents do? So we welcome all three TV dads to our number three spot from Full House.

#2 – Philip Banks, aka Uncle Phil

Honestly besides our number one TV dad of all time, can you think of anyone better. Again a strong male character showing the importance of a fathers role to the family. His character believed it so much that he takes in his nephew to provide a better life and opportunity for him as one of his own. Uncle Phil taught strong morals and to always fight for your kids no matter what. Uncle Phil had a way teaching a life lesson with a tough seriousness mixed with a caring tenderness all in one. I read that there is going to be a remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Good luck, because in our opinion the original can’t be beat.

#1 – Tim the Tool Man Taylor, and we all know his assistant Al Borland

That’s right, none other than Tim Taylor. A dad of three boys. The main reason Tim Taylor edge into the number one spot is because this character was the dads dad. Plus this show was solely focused on the dad, Tim Taylor, as the main character. Always trying to fix things on his own while making it worse. But somehow always able to turn his mistakes into valuable lessons for himself and his family. Tim Taylor was unapologetic for being a mans man and building things designed for men with more power. I know you just did his grunt after reading that. Who can forget the Man’s Kitchen or the Man’s Bathroom with the lazy boy style toilet. So Tool Man, you get our salute, to number one TV dad.

2 responses to “Top 10 TV Dads”

  1. Super funny. Love the list and content. Cant wait to read more.


  2. Really enjoyed your list. For sure, I can relate to this. Loved those tv Dads too. Well written..made me laugh. Looking forward to more!!


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